Timber Pipe Company – 3D Smoking Pipe Model Collection for CNC Router Tables





Created just for fun is this great 3D model collection with 25 smoking pipe 3D models in STL format.   

No matter if you are looking to create custom works to sell at the Farmer’s Market or even somewhere online, this is a great collection to get you on your way with some custom smoking pipe models.  With 25 vector designs that have been specifically created for computer controlled machines, each graphic is suitable for cutting in metal substrates as well as wood or plastic depending on your machine. This vector graphics collection will work perfectly with most any computer-controlled Router Tables

Every 3D model in this collection also includes a vector outline in EPS & DXF file formats 

The collection contains .STL, .EPS, .DXF,; we also include a full image catalog in .PDF format as well as JPG for easy file location.

Starting off with better quality graphics will always give you better output results from your equipment.

Please feel free to download a sample set from this collection here > The Timber Pipe Co. 3D Models Collection <



Please see the included images shown below.


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