Do you have an e-book, graphics or image collection, program, infomercial, or even an idea that you would like to bring to market?  We can help you bring your idea or digital product to life.

If you have a digital product that you would like to have available on a commercial CD or DVD please contact us.  This can be anything from an e-book to a graphic collection we can help you create and get ready for market your idea or product.

You can have a professional looking design for your project and make it very desirable to your customers.

Our Basic CD/DVD Creation Package

This is a great package that will include the following for your product

Custom Designed Graphic Creation for your CD / DVD Project
Will included following.

  • Front Outside CD Cover Design
  • Back Outside CD Cover Design (Tray Card)
  • Disc Front CD Cover Design
  • Inside CD Insert Design

We can also create a custom programed auto-run to launch your CD / DVD product. Once your product is completed we offer resources to help get it available for sale online.

We can provide you with sales images for your products & a barcode so  you can list your product on places like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and more.

Contact Us today for more information or to help get y our project started.